19 January, 2011

The SangJit (Engagement)

According to our family traditions, the girl's family would request for a Sang Jit or sort of an engagement, where the guys family would have to bring gifts and Hong Pao (Red Packets) as dowry for the the girl.

We had our Sang Jit on Sunday 16th of January 2010. From the guys (David) side of the family, we need to have 6 representatives each bringing sort of a gift to visit the girl's (Agnes) family. My parents and I are not allowed to go to Agnes place, we are to wait at home till the representatives from our family come back bringing back half of the gifts as a sign that they were successful in asking Agnes' family for permission for her to be betrothed to me.

Some families choose not to have the SangJit at all as it's been considered old fashioned, but we just sticked to tradition and continued with it, although we didn't make it such a big deal.

The 6 representatives from Dave's family each holding parcel as a gift.
Left to right: Engkim Nelly (Auntie), Ci Lily (Mum's niece), Priska (Ci Lily's daughter, she's supposed to call me uncle by the way),  Engku Benny (Uncle), Budi (Cousin), Yadi (Cousin).

Pictures have to be taken as they leave the house, 1 by 1 with the gifts in hand.

The head representative from Dave's family, Engkim Nelly

Ci Lily, mum's niece although their age difference isn't that big
My niece
Engku Benny is mum's elder brother
Cousin Budi who owns a heli toy shop
Cousin Yadi
Although I'm not supposed to go to Agnes' place, I followed them in the car to show them the way to her house.

There was a large downpour, we waited in the car for the rain to stop
The 6 representatives arrives at Agnes' place
The gifts are placed on the table
The gifts are then divided equally and shared among both families as a symbol of unity between the two families.

Note: Photos from Agnes side of the family are taken from a different camera, will post them when I receive them.


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